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To increase your knowledge of ProFab, the training courses cut to the core of the product to get you up to speed quickly, while covering program features that need to be used on a regular basis. At Applied Production, Inc., we train using real life parts and show how to quickly and easily address common issues.

 ProFab Elite Training
Course Length: 2 Days 
Course Cost: $600

Training is available at the API headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. Normally classes begin at 8:30am and conclude at 4:30pm each day. Call (513) 831-8800 for more information.


  • An understanding of computer usage

  • A thorough understanding of sheet metal manufacturing

 Topics Covered

  • Interface, including CAD, Part, and Layout Modes

  • Importing Files via DXF, CADL

  • Creating Parts

  • Creating and Managing Stock Libraries

  • Creating Tool Library

  • Creating Special Tools

  • Creating Standard Turret Configurations

  • Placing Parts in the Layout

  • Nesting Parts

  • AutoTool

  • Interactive Tooling

  • Editing Machine Operations

  • Machine Cycle Optimization

  • Creating NC Code