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API_Shapes works within your AutoCAD system to create 3D sheet metal parts and punched hole patterns.  

Save time drawing by selecting the correct shape from the toolbar and entering the required size data. Then place the shapes on the part surface of your choice in 3D space.

  • 3D Part shape templates include: Box, Cone, Top Hat, Transition, and Intersecting Pipes.
  • Hole shapes include: Round, Rectangle, Obround, Single D, Double D, Louver, Corner Rectangle, Corner Rectangle, Circular Slot, Polygons, and L-Shapes.
  • Create single shapes or patterns (Line, Grid, Arc, and Bolt Hole Circle.)
  • Works in AutoCAD 2000, 2000i or Mechanical Desktop 5, 2002 or Mechanical Desktop 6(Will not work with AutoCAD LT)
  • Unfold the part shapes with ProFold Wireframe.

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You can try it for yourself obligation-free for 30 days.

API_Shapes enhances your AutoCAD by adding the ability to draw commonly used parts, punched hole shapes and patterns. Rather than drawing each individual line and arc entity, API_Shapes instantly creates the completed shape and allows you to place it using any of the AutoCAD placement methods. Single shapes as well as patterns of shapes can be created by simply identifying the desired shape and pattern, then identifying the placement position in 3D space.

API_Shapes creates five different part and ten different punched hole shapes commonly used by sheet metal manufacturers.  Part shapes include a four sided box, cones, rectangle to round transition, a top hat channel and the intersection of two cylinders.  Hole shapes include:
  • Round

  • Rectangle

  • Obround

  • Single D

  • Double D

  • Louvre

  • Polygon

  • L shape

  • Circular slot

  • Corner rounded rectangle

Simply select the shape from the CAD menu and enter a few basic dimensions, you will create CAD drawings faster than ever before.  Accuracy is enhanced by eliminating the need to trim and edit the individual entities.

A single command creates a complete pattern of the shape you selected.  Whether it's a bolt hole circle, an arc, line, or grid, API_Shapes makes it easy for you to create multiple patterns.

Shapes may even be rotated as they are placed around an arc or bolt hole circle.

API_Shapes works with AutoCAD and CADKEY providing you a needed tool to improve your productivity.  When installed into the CAD menus, API_Shapes provides a seamless interface to your CAD system.

Look what you can do with API_Shapes and ProFold Wireframe!


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