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Supported Machines
Amada, FINN-POWER, Nisshinbo, Strippit/LVD, TRUMPF, W. A. Whitney, Murata Wiedemann, Others...



Fully supports Amada machines (punch, laser, combination)

Multi-ring turret optimization

Supports Auto Index Tools

Supports Load/Unload Devices

Supports O Code Program Numbers

Supports Work Chute Open and Close

ProFab supports Amada's full line of precision, sheet metal fabricating equipment including CNC turret punch presses and lasers, Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), punch/blanking shear combination machines, and Punch/LASER combination machines.

Amada G Function Codes Support Including:

G06 code to designate the worksheet thickness and material.

G25 for first reposition, G27 for all other repositions.

G36 and G37 - ProFab selects the appropriate grid code.

Additional M Codes Support Including:

Extra 200 M Codes for Tool Tables

M502 to M505 - Knockout

M506 to M509 - Slitting

M510 to M559 - Forming

M560 to M563 - Marking

M681 to M685 - Punching Speed Command

M690 - Press Air Blow

M692 - Press Raise

M801 to M999 - Additional M Codes

Amada Vipros 255     Amada Vipros 368     Amada Vipros 368     Amada 8025


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