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ProFold Wireframe

Working in conjunction with your CAD system, ProFold Wireframe supplements its capabilities. ProFold Wireframe is designed to assist you in transforming 3D CAD drawings of formed sheet metal parts to correct flat blank layouts. Parts may be drawn as simple wire frame models or complete 3D models including the material thickness and arcs in the bend areas. ProFold Wireframe automatically finds each flange and identifies the cutouts and punched holes associated with them. As the part is folded or unfolded, the holes and cutouts are adjusted according to the bend compensation.

Sheet Metal Wire to Flat

You may also convert 2D flat layouts to correct 3D formed parts and even add material thickness to these parts. Thickness may also be added to any existing formed part. You may specify a different bend radii for each bend area of the part. ProFold Wireframe is fully integrated with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, KeyCreator, and CADKEY under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Ease of Use
ProFold Wireframe is very easy to use. Dialog boxes allow you to quickly identify the operation you wish to perform and to set any desired options. Input requirements are minimal; customizable defaults are provided for all options.

Fold / Unfold Capabilities
ProFold Wireframe can fold or unfold a CAD drawing of almost any sheet metal part which is formed by constant radius bending of angles up to 360 degrees. Even flanges which are completely internal to the part are easily recognized and correctly transformed. ProFold Wireframe
permits bends of different radii on the same part. Bends of any angle and at any orientation are supported, as well as hems and offset bends.

Auto Mode
Auto mode allows you to unfold parts in one step. If all of the bend areas use the same bend parameters, Auto Mode allows you to automate the processing step. Bend lines can be coded by using any combination of color, level, and line type in order to be automatically recognized by ProFold. If a part has bends with different radii and the arcs have not been drawn into the bend areas, you must use the interactive method of processing so that you can specify the exact bend radius for each bend.

Add Thickness
Formed parts may be drawn with or without material thickness.
Parts drawn as simple wire frames can be enhanced by ProFold Wireframe to show the material thickness and arcs in the bend area. Whether you make simple brackets or complex multi-bend parts, ProFold Wireframe will save you hours of manual calculations while increasing the accuracy of your results.

Tech Table
The Tech Table stores your bend parameters such as thickness, bend radius, and bend compensations, minimizing the need to re-enter data for each job.

Transitions and Cones
Transitions and cones may be unfolded with ProFold Wireframe.

Bend Chart
A bend chart is automatically generated along with the flat pattern. Each bend area is labeled for cross reference to the bend chart. Results can include bend lines or mold lines.

Bend Adjustment
ProFold provides four methods of determining the bend adjustment for any bend: specify either the actual bend allowance, the outside bend compensation, the inside bend compensation, or allow ProFold to calculate the bend adjustment by using the standard formula for determining bend allowance (K Factor). ProFold Wireframe allows customization of the defaults and the options.