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ProFold Solids

ProFold Solids automatically develops a correct flat blank layout from a solid model within your CAD system. ProFold Solids accurately calculates the correct bend compensation while adjusting holes and cutouts accordingly. You may specify a different bend radii for each bend area of the part. ProFold Solids is fully integrated with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, KeyCreator, and CADKEY under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Unfold a solid model simply by selecting a thickness edge.

The Unfold command finds the bend areas on the selected part and unfolds the part. All you have to do is select a thickness edge, one of the lines which connects the inside surface of the part to the outside surface. ProFold Solids supports solid models created or imported into the CAD system.

Bend List
Before your part is unfolded, ProFold Solids displays the Bend List. Notice that you have control of material type. As many material types may be used according to your specifications. Following this is a list of each of the bend areas found on the part. Each bend area is color coded, letting you know if matching bend data was found or if the default values will be used. ProFold Solids even tells you if data associated to a bend area is invalid (the K-factor is outside of the normal range). Double clicking the mouse over a bend area will expand to display the Bend Angle, Inside Bend Radius, and the Bend Factor, giving you full control over the bend parameters in order to receive the exact desired results. 

ProFold Bend ChartBend Chart
A bend chart is automatically generated along with the flat pattern. Each bend area is labeled for cross reference to the bend chart. Results can include bend lines or mold lines

Tech Table
The Tech Table stores your
bend parameters such as thickness, bend radius, and bend compensations, minimizing the need to re-enter data for each job.

Unfolding Capabilities
ProFold can unfold almost any sheet metal solid model which is formed by constant radius bending of angles up to 360 degrees. Even flanges which are completely internal to the part are easily recognized and correctly transformed.
Bends of any angle and at any orientation are supported, as well as hems and offset bends.

Bend Analyzer
You are able to analyze a bend in relation to a flange or to another bend to determine if a bend is valid.

Bend Adjustment
ProFold provides four methods of determining the bend adjustment for any bend: specify either the actual bend allowance, the outside bend compensation, the inside bend compensation, or allow ProFold to calculate the bend adjustment by using the standard formula for determining bend allowance (K Factor). ProFold Solids allows customization of the defaults and the options.