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ProFold - Flat Pattern Development


Create Accurate Flat Pattern Layouts, Faster and Easier

Quality parts begin with accurate flat patterns!


ProFold has earned a reputation in the PC CAD market as the most powerful flat pattern development program available. ProFold simplifies the unfolding process. Fully integrated with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, KeyCreator, and CADKEY under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, ProFold saves hours of manual calculations while eliminating errors. Even the most complex parts can be unfolded in seconds. Whether you design your own parts or receive CAD files from your customers, ProFold will increase the accuracy of your flat patterns while reducing the time required to calculate and draw them. See for yourself just how easy it is to use ProFold by downloading the 30-day trial and the Demo and Training guide.


ProFold Solids ProFold Solids
ProFold Solids a
utomatically develops a correct flat blank layout from a solid model within your CAD system. Unfolds solid models with minimal amount of effort from the user. ProFold Solids also includes ProFold Wireframe to make this a complete hybrid solution. More...

ProFold Wireframe ProFold Wireframe
Introduced in 1985, ProFold Wireframe was the first software to unfold 3D wireframe models. ProFold Wireframe unfolds, folds, or adds thickness to your parts. Fold a 2D flat pattern into a 3D wireframe model. Unfold a 3D wireframe model with ease using ProFold Wireframe. More...

ProFold Lite ProFold Lite
Entry level geared toward users with simple parts or with a low demand for unfolding parts. More...

ProFold Brings Sheet Metal Unfolding Capabilities to KeyCreator 3.0
Integrated software allows users to unfold wireframe or solid models. More...