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SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy - Course 1: Part Creation
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ProFab Hip Pocket Demo

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Introduction to ProFab Video

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Part File

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SolidWorks Solution Partner“SolidWorks is the standard for 3D mechanical design software,” said Brian Houle, Partner Program manager for SolidWorks. “Combining it with ProFab gives engineers the tools they need to do their jobs faster and better by reducing programming time and increasing shop floor productivity.”

ProFab Elite ProFab
ProFab is integrated
sheet metal CAM software that allows users to generate CNC machine code using SolidWorks sheet metal solid models. The ProFab Hip Pocket Demo and Introduction to ProFab video show how easily the ProFab software utilizes a direct interface to SolidWorks to automate and optimize the process of programming a CNC Turret Punch Press or Laser Machine.

As a leader in the programming of CNC Punch Presses and Laser Machines, the ProFab Hip Pocket Demo is a PowerPoint presentation showing the main features of ProFab.

The Introduction to ProFab video provides streaming video of SolidWorks and ProFab in action. A sheet metal part designed in SolidWorks is used to show how ProFab is integrated in SolidWorks, eliminating the need to export and import data. AutoTool, interactive nesting, and optimize are just some of the features highlighted.

SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal GuyProFab supports SolidWorks 2004 and SolidWorks 2005 3D mechanical design software. ProFab includes a direct interface to SolidWorks and provides users with instant access to ProFab within the SolidWorks window.

SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy
A new series of five self-paced training books. Learn from industry experts how to use the sheet metal capabilities of SolidWorks.

ProFab Elite SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorials
Get familiar with the sheet metal functionality of SolidWorks 2006 and learn how to build sheet metal parts in the most efficient way possible.

Customer Case Study
H&M Metals uses the ProFab direct interface in SolidWorks to deliver a quality product in a timely manner. According to project engineer Gerry Trubey, “A recent project I worked on was adding rivet holes to a large complex frame. I did the work in the customer's SolidWorks files and then transferred the changes into ProFab." More...


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