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Sheet Metal CAM for Under $2000!

ProFab Lite V3.5 is an easy to use, integrated, and automated tool for programming your CNC punch press in the most efficient way.

ProFab Lite V3.5 Free Download  

ProFab Lite V3.5 Software Includes:

bullet Interactive programming of all CNC
punch presses
bullet Keeps you in control of the process
bullet Supports Auto-Index and Multi-Tools
bullet Automatically sorts tools to avoid
unnecessary turret rotation
bullet New users can generate CNC code
within the first hour of installing

Punching Technology


Stand alone application for CNC turret punch presses


Accepts DXF geometry or create your own within ProFab


Interactive Application of Tools


Reposition Moves are Automatic 


Eliminates Duplicate Hits


Tool Library Stores Tool Information


Utilizes Standard Turret Configuration


Work Holder Interference Check



ProFab Lite V3.5
Now Only $1,995*

Order Today!
Call (513) 831-8800

* Post processor (additional charge) is required for your specific machine.

Note: This is not the current version of ProFab Lite. The current version is ProFab Lite V3.7. ProFab Lite V3.5 may be upgraded to the current version as well as to ProFab Elite for an additional fee.

Download a 21-day Trial of ProFab Lite V3.5
The 21-day trial of ProFab Lite V3.5 is not a limited version. This is the full program live for 21 days, free of charge! It includes several post processors so that you can check out all the features yourself. To download the fully functioning trial version of the software, click on the download link below.

ProFab 30-day trial ProFab Lite V3.5 21-day trial

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